USA J1 Agriculture Internships


Status : Program Open
Embassy : Open
Vaccination Required : No
PCR Required to Enter : No

The J1 Agricultural Program has been developed to allow international agriculturalists to pursue training in the area of agri-business in order to improve their knowledge of advanced agrarian practices, techniques, methodologies and expertise while enhancing their knowledge of American culture. Being a J1 program, a customized training plan is prepared for each participant that outlines specific objectives and phases of training and supervision and evaluation procedures to be used during the program.

Cultural exchange is an important aspect of this program. All participants should be encouraged to interact with American citizens. Interaction with groups, families, professional societies, religious, community and company-related social activities should be encouraged. Each community in the United States has its own unique culture, such as seasonal festivals and fairs, community and/or religious events.

Participants should take advantage of the opportunity to experience cultural activities and should embrace the concept of exposing themselves to these cultural experiences.

Throughout the USA. Area preferences will be taken into consideration, however not guaranteed. Some popular locations are Nebraska, Colorado, Tennessee, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, South and North Dakota. We also place along the east coast of America from Georgia down through Florida and even Hawaii with horticulture positions!

Types of Farming
Swine and Poultry
Livestock โ€“ Cattle
Crop Production

In addition however limited:
- Equine
- Oenology/Viticulture
- Turf Management

Stipends, Housing and Inclusions
Positions are very different based on experience and your actual role during your placement, however you will work around 40-60 hours per week on average 8-10 hour shifts daily.
Common inclusions for the program are a monthly stipend, housing and some meals.
Some interns and trainees earn an hourly rate starting from $7.15 to $11.50 or a monthly stipend starting from $1100 - $1800 .
Meals and Transport:
Some interns are provided with a meal on shift as well as transport from housing to work each day.
Is provided by your farmer either on site or nearby. Housing is either provided free of charge or a monthly charge of around $300 - $350. Accommodation is shared with other interns or co-workers, there would be common areas in the housing, very similar to dorm type living.
Many farmers provide uniforms to their interns and trainees.


1. Must be a current full-time student at a post-secondary ministerially recognized institute outside the USA
2. Must have completed studies and if no valid work experience must enter the US within 12 months of last exam date
3. If graduated more then 12 months ago then the applicant must have a qualification with at least 12 months work experience in their field of study
4. Have at least 5 years of work experience outside the United States in a specific occupation

- Male Applicants (Occasional Female placements)
- 19+ years old
- Proficient in English
- We accept SA and Namibian passport holders (Other foreign passport holders will be considered on a case by case scenario)
- Hard working, efficient, committed to a 12-month placement

Start/Finish Dates

All year round.

Visa Info

12 Month J1 intern/trainee visa program.

Two options are available:
1. Trainee Program
This option is available if you have one of the following:
a) A professional qualification (certificate/degree/diploma and at least 1 yearโ€™s professional experience in the same field)
b) At least 5 years experience in a specific field.

2. Internship Program
This option is available to students between 19-35+ years of age who are currently enrolled or are within 12 months of graduation and who would like to gain experience in the same field of study.

Repeat participation is allowed under following conditions:
- In all cases, repeat participation should address the development of more advanced skills or a different field of expertise
- Interns may repeat as interns if they are still a student or recent graduate
- Trainees may repeat after a 2 year period of residency outside the USA.
- Interns who wish to be Trainees may do so after a 2 year period of residency outside the USA


Admin fee R4700
Program fee $1110
Visa fees $185 Visa & $220 SEVIS, R309 Return Passport via Courier or collect for free from DUR/JNB/CPT DHL office
Travel Insurance Included (With additional Top up cover available at cost to applicant)
Airfare (approx) Approx. R10 000 โ€“ R20 000 (One way to accommodate 13 months in the US)
Recommended Spending Money Minimum $700


- Gather application documents and pay your application fee to your OVC office
- Application is sent to the Program Manager for review
- Once approved by the Program Manager we begin searching for placements
- Await interview - you may not be placed on your first interview. We will continue to interview you with employers until placed
- Once placed pay your Program fee, Visa and SEVIS fee
- Once your visa is approved, OVC will book your flights
- Applicant partakes in a final preparation meeting with OVC to ensure that you are ready to fly

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