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Status : Program Open
Embassy : Open
Vaccination Required : No
PCR Required to Enter : No

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Do you enjoy working with children and looking for an European cultural experience? Do you see yourself eating stroopwaffels, perhaps fancy Dutch cheese and experience traditional Dutch holiday such as Sinterklaas, King’s Day and more? Then Netherlands is the perfect place for you to experience all of this and more.

As an au pair in the Netherlands, you will experience true European Culture and Lifestyle. You will become a valued family member and meet many new friends. Au pairs will live with a family for a period of 12 months. During this year au pairs will be able to travel and gain valuable life experience.

Au pairing is an enriching and rewarding experience. It teaches young people to become independent and gain valuable life experience. The program is recommended to any young South African who has a great love for children and would like the opportunity to experience a lifestyle and culture different to their own. As an au pair, you will have some free time in which to travel and see the sights of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. In the Netherlands, one of the most popular modes of transport is by bicycle, so try and practice as much as possible before departure as this will become your favourite mode of transport! This experience will open up a world of opportunities and help shape your future.

OVC works hand in hand with our overseas agents in order to ensure each au pair has a successful and enjoyable year abroad. Our partners carefully screen the host families, prior to selection and arrival of the au pair.

Program Benefiits
- Maximum of 30 hours per week, inclusive of a possible 3 nights a week babysitting
- Placement with carefully screened family
- Medical and accident travel insurance during your stay
- 2 Days off per week
- At least one weekend off per month
- 12 month contract
- Pocket money of 340 Euros per month
- 2 weeks paid vacation (per 12 months)
- Private room and food provided
- Contribution of 300 Euros for a Dutch language course once in the Netherlands
- Support by local agency
- Monthly activities hosted by Netherlands agency  
- Local network for au pairs
- Optional First Aid Course / Orientation - terms and conditions apply

Au Pair Responsibilities
- Doing light household chores such as vacuuming, dusting, ironing, dishes and laundry
- Playing with the children and keeping them safe
- Take children to school, play park, play groups and other activities by bicycle
- Give them snacks and drinks
- Help with homework if any and help them with their English if required
- Bathing and dressing the children
- Preparing meals for the family such as breakfast and dinner and lunch for the children
- Go on vacation with the family whilst caring for children


- Females aged 18 - 25 years
- South African, Namibian and EU passport holders only
- Be single and have no children
- Good overall health
- Matric or high school equivalent qualifications        
- Childcare experience and references
- Be in good health and have a clear police record  
- Be able to ride a bicycle and be able to swim
- Holding a valid driver’s license is a bonus as this makes a strong applicant
- Speaking Dutch is a bonus
- Original Unabridged Birth Certificate with an apostille
- Letter of non-impendent to confirm you are not married or have not been married before with Apostille

Start/Finish Dates

Au pairs depart from January through to December. Peak season departures are between Jan – Mar and then Aug – Oct so be sure to apply on time!

Visa Info

Visas are applied for in the Netherlands by the host family and take approximately 2 weeks to be approved by the IND in the Netherlands whereafter you will attend your visa interview at the Dutch embassy in Pretoria or Cape Town and then the processing takes another 10 working days to receive your passport with visa back in your hand.

Your visa will be issued for 90 days and once you entered the Netherlands, the host family will register you at the local Gemeente and IND where you will receive your temporary residence card valid for 12 months. With the residence card and your passport, you would be able to travel to all 26 European Schengen countries on your off weekends and holidays off.


Admin fee 34 Euros
Other fees Please see More Info Below
Visa fees Please see More Info Below
Travel Insurance Free
Airfare (approx) 600 Euros
Recommended Spending Money 350 Euros


OVC will assist with all paperwork and visa needs. All fees for the interview and application process are non-refundable. Once placed in a family, OVC will assist with the application to obtain your visa. The Dutch agency will also book your flight ticket at the same time your paperwork for the visa application will be filed with the IND and your OVC consultant will guide through the process, prepare for departure and put you in touch with other au pairs in the Netherlands or leaving same time as you.

More Info

Additional Costs:
- Background Check (with Verisource) – R195
- Visa appointment are in Cape Town and Pretoria ONLY - pls budget to attend your interview in the these cities and additional expenses include transport, accommodation and courier cost to get yoru passport back after 10 working days processing time. There is no visa fees to be paid at the embassy or for the visa by the applicant though.
- Medical Evaluation completed by GP plus tests for TB, HIV, Pregnancy and Hep A and Hep B - GP and test fees varies so find out different rates with the doctor and labs. Speak to your OVC consultant for more details
- Apostille and Notarization of Birth Certificate and Letter of non-impediment. DIRCO is free of charge, just  budget for courier cost to deliver the original documents to DIRCO.
-  Apostille through the High court & Notary ranges between R2000 – R3000 approx. Speak to your OVC consultant regarding this process
- Application for letter of non-impediment with Home Affairs - R50
- Courier cost to send your orginal apostilled non-marital document to Netherlands (depending on partner) - speak to your OVC consultant about this.

- If you are a self-match au pair (finding a family on your own) there is different ticket fee structure, chat to your OVC consultant about this

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