Hospitality France


Hospitality France


France, A Top Destination in the world with a rich and vibrant tourism sector!
The country has established itself as a timeless and classic choice for travellers, boasting iconic landmarks, historical sites, and picturesque landscapes. France is known for its diverse regions, from the bustling city of Paris to the charming countryside of Provence. Each area has its own distinct culture, language, traditions, culinary delights, and numerous festivals.
Additionally, Frances economy and hospitality industries have been consistently strong over the years. The tourism sector plays a pivotal role, contributing  to the nations income and providing ample employment opportunities.

But what truly sets France apart is its people! The French are renowned for their elegance, cultural pride, and warm hospitality. Exploring France promises a journey filled with enriching cultural experiences and unforgettable moments, making it a destination that makes a lasting impact on visitors!

-  Visa assistance
-  Accommodation
-  Lunch & Dinner included
-  24/7 assistance in France
-  Salary (Month 1-2: 150 euros, Month 3-6 : 669 euros)

- Kitchen
- Pastry
- Food & Beverage
- Reception
- Housekeeping
- Sommelier


- 18+ years old
- Enrolled tertiary students only and must be returning to further studies after planned internship
- Tertiary institutions studying Hospitality/ Tourism / Hotel management / Event management / Marketing and sales or any course that can be used in the hospitality industry.
- 6 month internships.
- Conversational English
- Clean criminal record
- No drug abuse
- Valid Passport
- Fit and Healthy
- French is a bonus (required for Front and back office)

Start/Finish Dates

Year round departures


Program fee R25 000
Visa fees EUR 99 - Visa; EUR 24 - Capago
Travel Insurance From R6220
Airfare (approx) R10 000 - R20 000
Recommended Spending Money EUR 300 (minimum)


Are you 18 to 35 years old (Inclusive)?
Are you single with no dependants?
Are you currently enrolled at a tertiary institution studying Hospitality/ Tourisim / Hotel management / Event management / Marketing and sales or any coarse that can be used in the hospitality industry?
Can your study institution supply you with a letter confirming the nessesity of practical experience for your coarse?
You are a South African citizen or you have a valid residence permit of visa?
Do you / will you have sufficiant funds for this opportunity +- R50 000?

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