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Hospitality Placements - Asia and Middle East


Status : Program Open
Embassy : Open
Vaccination Required : Yes
PCR Required to Enter : No

Asia – one of the top destinations in the world with a dynamic and strategic tourism sector! The region has forged a reputation as being the in-trend destination for holiday-makers, boasting must-see attractions and idyllic landscapes. Asia is composed of 48 culturally diverse countries, from the largest city — Tokyo, to the smallest country — the Maldives; each with unique languages, beliefs, religions, cultural customs, cuisines, and countless festivals. In addition, Asian countries’ economies and hospitality industries are said to be among the most thriving in recent years. The South-east Asia region alone generates high income from the tourism industry. Countries in the region have shown growth and generated revenue due to the tourism industry, making a significant contribution to employment.

But what is best about Asia is its people! Its inhabitants are some of the most hospitable and friendliest in the world. Discovering Asia will indeed be a life-changing and unforgettable cultural exchange experience!

Welcome to the Middle East, a majestic cradle of civilizations and home to some of the world’s most advanced economies and awesome tourist destinations. This mainly-Arab part of the World is a widely-diverse region consisting primarily of western Asia, parts of northern Africa, and Southeast Asia. It consists of Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. It is a great adventure location to experience superb cuisines, rich tradition and cultures, ancient architecture, beautiful landscapes, and more!

The Middle East is a very important region to visit for many reasons: it is the place where the history of man, religion, and global issues  first came to life. So for your next international trip, do consider traveling to the Middle East. The journey and opportunities you will experience, may surprise you!

OVC offers 3 program options to cater for your individual needs:

- Work and Travel: is for young students who wish to broaden their horizons working abroad during the winter or summer breaks.
- Hospitality and Business internships: is for academic credits. Hands-on training for students or recent graduates who need real work experience
- Management Training: management level training for recent graduates with prior work experience.

Inclusions for Work and Travel, Internships and Management Positions
- Hotel accommodation, staff accommodation, or apartment (shared)
- Local transport
- Monthly stipend ranging from $300 plus per month
- On-duty meals
- Tips/service charges/ office credits
- Group insurance/ access to a hotel health clinic
- Work permit or visa
- Unforgettable travel experience
- Possibility to be hired from the internship and become a permanent team member

Primary Destinations:
- Thailand
- The Maldives

Secondary Destinations:
- Asia-Pacific (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and other countries in Asia)
- Gulf Countries (Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and other countries)

Positions for all Programs:
- Front Office
- Guest Services
- Housekeeping
- Restaurant and Bar
- Food and Beverage Services
- Culinary Arts
- Events and Banqueting
- Recreation and Leisure

Additional Positions for Management Training :
- Public relations and Communication
- Administration and Human Resources
- Sales and Marketing
- Reservations


Work and Travel:
- 18+ year old
Enrolled students only - Tertiary Institution, Vocational School, College or University

Hospitality and Business internships:
- 18+ years old
- Enrolled students at Tertiary level and recent graduates within 24 months

Management Training:
- Enrolled students (Senior in Bachelors degree, Postgraduate, Masters)
- Recent graduates within last 36-months
- A minimum of 12 months related work/internship experience
- Study major must be relevant to the internship position

All Programs - General:
- Conversational English
- Clean criminal record
- No drug abuse
- Valid passport
- Fit and healthy
- School, college or university endorsement

Start/Finish Dates

Work and Travel:
- Winter: December and April
- Summer: June and September
- Duration: 2,3,4 and 5 months

Hospitality and Business internships:
- Season: All year round
- Duration: 6-month, up to 12-month

Management Training:
- Season: All year round
- Duration: 12-month, up to 18/24-month

Visa Info

Work permit and/or Visa will be provided by host company or applied for once placed for the duration of your program


Admin fee R9950
Program fee 1200 Euros
Other fees See More Info
Visa fees See More Info
Travel Insurance Many hosts cover the years insurance. Applicants pay for first month R2090 to R10 145 - varies per cover period, age and nationality
Airfare (approx) R8000 - R15 000
Recommended Spending Money $500 - $800


- Complete your application with your OVC office
- Attend a pre-screening interview with our partners to confirm eligibility
- Pay your application fee once successfully pre-screened
- Interview with your potential host company
- Placement! Sign your contract
- Visas and work permits will be applied for
- Insurance will be issued on visa approval and flights booked
- Depart for your destination! Pre-departure preparation will be provided
- Arrive at your destination and continue to receive in-country support!

More Info

Additional Fees:
Budget for the following additional fees as destination costs and provisions from host company will differ for each placement or country:

- Visa applications and related fee with the embassy/consulate abroad (costs may apply to certain destinations only)
- Medical check-up upon arrival
- Police clearance if requested
- Additional charges may occur for companies which dont provide insurance - costs listed above


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