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USA Teacher Exchange


USA J1 Teacher Exchange


- We recruit teachers in the fields of Science, Maths, Special Education in the USA at Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools.
- 250 positions available each year.
- 3-year program, which can be extended by 1-2 years based on teacher performance and school need.
- Salaries range between $40 000-$50 000 per annum.
- The program must coincide with US academic cycle. Arrivals are in early JULY.
- Repeat participation is allowed after the teacher has spent 2 years outside the USA.


* Only vaccinated travellers will be allowed to apply for a J1 Visa to partake in the Internship program. (Recognised Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson)

- Must have a Bachelors in Teaching or a Bachelor in their subject of teaching PLUS two years relevant full-time experience in the fields of Maths, Science or Special Education.

I- Currently working as a full-time teacher in the fields of Maths, Science, Special Education.

- If not currently working as a teacher, must have at least 2 years full-time teaching experience in the past 8 years and be currently enrolled for an advanced teaching qualification or within 12 months of completion of an advanced teaching qualification.

- Clear criminal background.

- Good reputation and character.

- Must do TOEFL test in SA before departure if placed in TEXAS.

- Ages 21-55 (Above 55 may apply but will not have insurance cover).

- Must have excellent English language proficiency.

-Must be able to show a teachers license (SACE) as well as obtain a letter of Good Standing to prove that your teachers license has not been revoked (Cost about R400, applied for this through SACE).

- Must bring at least $3000 to the US to start their program.

Start/Finish Dates

Arrive early July and work for 3 years. The program will end on 30 June of the final year.

Applications close mid-May.

Visa Info

J1 Teacher Exchange visa.

TOEFL required for teachers placed in TEXAS @ $200 each time you take the test.


Admin fee R500
Service fee R7995 paid on acceptance
Program fee $2800
Other fees $1100 annual renewal fee for same school (subject to yearly increase)
Visa fees US Visa $160 and $220 - SEVIS
Travel Insurance included in program fee
Airfare (approx) R13 000-R20000
Recommended Spending Money $3000 minimum


Application instructions will be sent after OVC receives the application fee.

More Info

- Must be able to commit to a 3-year contract.
- Can take dependents (spouse or children under age 21) only after completion of the first year.
- Location can be requested but not guaranteed.
- Most placements are in Texas.
- Dependents may work (subject to applying for a work permit) and kids may go to school.
- Insurance for the first 90 days is included in program fees, thereafter teachers need to take out schools insurance or alternative insurance that must adhere to Dept. of State regulations.
- Annual renewal fees are collected directly by the US sponsor company and is due on 30 JUN of each year.
- Annual renewal fee if transferring to another school is $1600.
- Transfer to another school in special circumstance only = $500.
- Extension of original 3 year program = $367 plus annual renewal fee
-Teachers will need to send in their qualifications (degree + TOEFL) for a foreign credential evaluation - this is an additional expense and will vary depending on which agent you use. Budget around $250-$500 for this.

IMPORTANT: Certain employers may be able to help offset the program fee for the teachers by paying a portion or all of the fee upfront and payroll deducting. When this is not available, a deferred payment plan can be arranged to help offset the initial costs for teachers where 50% of the program fee is due to release the DS-2019 form and the remaining balance will be paid in 7 equal monthly payments from September through March.

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